Sayonara Okinawa – Hello Canberra

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Well that was a pretty epic trip. One and a half years in Okinawa has been enough to change my life forever. The Japanese are such special people with such a rich culture and they won’t hesitate to welcome you into it. This friendliness, the budding specialty coffee scene, the architecture, the branding, I just can’t rate it highly enough. I won’t harp on for too long about it but if you’re reading this and haven’t yet been to Japan, do it. Stat.

It’s time now for a stint back in the motherland that is Australia. Canberra is where I’ll call home for the next little while and I’m pretty excited about it. I spent some of my childhood around these parts and despite memories of a sleepy (albeit picturesque) fledgling city, in the short while I’ve been back it’s glaringly obvious there’s some genuinely cool stuff happening here now. The specialty coffee scene is really starting to pick up too and I’m stoked to be able to share it with you all.


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