Just one of the many reasons I love specialty coffee

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Last week the good folk of Three Thousand Thieves sent me a sneaky parcel in the mail. They have a new roaster on their subscription service and were keen to spread the word about it. Wanting to get the most out of their drop, I headed down the road to my local here in Canberra – Red Brick Espresso (becuase who has an EK43 at home anyway?). We opened the cute little box and pulled out a bag of San Isidro, a Colombian from new Melbourne based outfit ACOFFEE. BW is the man behind ACOFFEE and comes with a pretty good resume with stints at St Ali, Market Lane and a number of Cup Tasting accolades to his name. Shots were pulled (a fast 22 seconds for a super bright cup with pineapple notes) and V60’s were poured (a lighty syrup texture, winey, yet well balanced with fresh grapes on the nose). San Isidro is on the mark.

From Colombia to Melbourne to Canberra. No questions asked along the way, just a bunch of good people enjoying some good brews. I love how specialty coffee makes the world just that little bit smaller.

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