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A new fixture in Adelaide’s scene – Fix Specialty Coffee

As far as first ventures into café ownership go, Tom McNeil and Nick Wood have done a stellar job with Fix Specialty Coffee in Adelaide’s leafy suburb of College Park. The guys are pretty new to the coffee scene but that hasn’t stopped them from creating a cool little community-focused coffee shop and pumping out…

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Onibus Coffee grows up in Nakameguro – Tokyo Japan

Since I’ve been back in Australia I’ve spoken to countless people about the specialty coffee scene in Tokyo. I liken it to Melbourne about 10 years ago – there’s an innate love of coffee in its people, there’s no market saturation, however there are a select few roasters that are pumping out some truly awesome beans and a community of baristas passionate about their extraction. My experience of the Japanese culture is one of perfectionism in process, there is great pride taken in making things in the most correct way possible.

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Prayers Answered – Chocolate Jesus Coffee – Okinawa

A couple of months before I left Okinawa a little store opened up called Chocolate Jesus Coffee (quite fitting for an Easter post) and it quickly became one of my locals. Owner Kazufumi Shinzato also runs a skate and apparel shop on the island by the same name and has carried over his branding into the new space. The whole thing oozes attitude and I simply love it.

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Zhyvago Coffee Works – Bringing Portland to Okinawa, Japan

It’s been a while since I featured any Okinawan content on the blog, but recently the island seems to be embracing specialty coffee culture with quite a few new spaces opening their doors and putting out some pretty decent espresso. One of the best is Zhyvago Coffee Works which kicked off operations last month. As…

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Tupelo Coffee Co – Basically Awesome – Canberra Australia

Canberra is not generally considered to be one of Australia’s premier ‘coffee cities’ and I’ve been trying to figure out why? It’s got the right climate and a decent population size, yet the market penetration of specialty coffee is barely scratching the surface. In my (rather poor) understanding of economics, it’s usually safe to assume…

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Reuben Hills – Celebrating the Coffee Farmer – Sydney Australia

Sydney’s Paramount Coffee Project blew me away, so naturally I was pretty keen to check out one of the parent companies behind it. Occupying a converted terrace house in one of Surry Hills’ leafy streets lies the Reuben Hills roastery and café. It’s the brainchild of Russell Beard and was opened back in 2013 with…

Mecca Coffee Sydney

Mecca Coffee – Staying young at heart – Sydney Australia

If you’re into your specialty coffee and you’ve been to Sydney, there’s a good chance you’ve already come across Mecca Coffee. This year they celebrated their 10th birthday, which in ‘coffee years’ is practically ancient (because let’s face it, it’s a ruthless market and who wants to go to a café that’s been open for…