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Sayonara Okinawa – Hello Canberra

Well that was a pretty epic trip. One and a half years in Okinawa has been enough to change my life forever. The Japanese are such special people with such a rich culture and they won’t hesitate to welcome you into it. This friendliness, the budding specialty coffee scene, the architecture, the branding, I just can’t rate it highly enough. I won’t harp on for too long about it but if you’re reading this and haven’t yet been to Japan, do it. Stat.

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The Sound of Silence – Meet Rosie Girl

You guys have no doubt noticed it’s been a little silent around these parts the last couple of weeks. Well this is why: World, meet Rosie girl. She’s all kinds of awesome. Sleep deprivation is at an all time high right now, so thanks for sticking around and cutting me some slack. I have a…

Batch Brew Specialty Coffee

Is Batch Brew a Step Backwards for Specialty Coffee?

Whether you like it or not, batch brew is gaining a crazy amount of traction in the world of specialty coffee, especially in Australia. It’s been hitting the menus of some rather elite roasters and coffee shops, creating quite a buzz in the café scene. It’s got to the point that it’s almost become cool…

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Trinity ONE Coffee Brewer hits Kickstarter

Remember the Trinity ONE coffee brewer I gave you a sneak peak at last month? Well this morning it went up on Kickstarter. It’s only been live for four hours but already the Trinity ONE has racked up over $20000 of funding – and for good reason. It looks set to be an awesome bit…

This is kind of awesome – Tastify cupping app

This is kind of awesome – Tastify cupping app

There were a few cool new products being hyped at the SCAA shindig in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. One of them was Tastify, which ended up taking out the award for best new product (open class), and for good reason. Developed by Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers, it’s a web-based, mobile-optimised app that brings…

World Barista Championships 2015 live stream kicks off tomorrow

World Barista Championships 2015 live stream kicks off tomorrow

Every year the SCAA brings together thousands of people from around the globe to celebrate all things specialty coffee. This year the exposition is being held in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center. There’s over 400 booths on display from some of the best brands in the industry, so if you’re in town be…


Is this the future of coffee brewing?

We all have our favourite go-to brewing methods. Personally I’m an aeropress guy, though I’m suspecting this might change after last weekend’s soft-launch of the Trinity ONE coffee brewer. Designed by engineer and coffee aficionado Mark Folker and revealed to the public for the first time on Saturday at Brisbane’s Powerhouse Museum, this new device…