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Onibus Coffee grows up in Nakameguro – Tokyo Japan

Since I’ve been back in Australia I’ve spoken to countless people about the specialty coffee scene in Tokyo. I liken it to Melbourne about 10 years ago – there’s an innate love of coffee in its people, there’s no market saturation, however there are a select few roasters that are pumping out some truly awesome beans and a community of baristas passionate about their extraction. My experience of the Japanese culture is one of perfectionism in process, there is great pride taken in making things in the most correct way possible.

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Prayers Answered – Chocolate Jesus Coffee – Okinawa

A couple of months before I left Okinawa a little store opened up called Chocolate Jesus Coffee (quite fitting for an Easter post) and it quickly became one of my locals. Owner Kazufumi Shinzato also runs a skate and apparel shop on the island by the same name and has carried over his branding into the new space. The whole thing oozes attitude and I simply love it.

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Zhyvago Coffee Works – Bringing Portland to Okinawa, Japan

It’s been a while since I featured any Okinawan content on the blog, but recently the island seems to be embracing specialty coffee culture with quite a few new spaces opening their doors and putting out some pretty decent espresso. One of the best is Zhyvago Coffee Works which kicked off operations last month. As…

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Single O + Deus + A Film About Coffee

Last week Sydney’s Single Origin Roasters, in collaboration with Deus Ex Machina hosted a screening of A Film About Coffee at Deus’ Harajuku store in Tokyo. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it on the night but barista Naoya Akagawa was there to take these sneaky snaps. Single O is doing some pretty cool stuff in Japan…

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Bangin’ Brews: Blue Bottle’s Rwandan Buf Café Remera

This week’s bangin’ brew is the Blue Bottle Buf Café Remera. Despite the fact that the alliteration is a little out of control in that opening sentence, it’s quite an amazing coffee and definitely deserves a mention on the blog. What strikes me as interesting about this particular roast is its ability to truly transform…


Onibus Coffee – Late night brews in Tokyo, Japan

The sun was already setting as I jumped off the train at Jiyugaoka Station, I was running late but having missed out on a visit last time I was in town, I powered through the neighbourhood’s perfectly manicured streets, determined to finally make it to Onibus Coffee before closing. It’s owned by Atsushi Sakao, the…

Field Notes – Tokyo, Japan

Field Notes – Tokyo, Japan

UPDATE: June 2015 – Well Tokyo, I still love you. I’m back home in Okinawa now after what turned out to be quite the eventful weekend. I was on the 32nd floor of the Cerulean Tower hotel when the earthquake hit. The building shook violently and visibly for almost an entire minute, window panes creaking and steel flexing like it was putty…