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Just one of the many reasons I love specialty coffee

Last week the good folk of Three Thousand Thieves sent me a sneaky parcel in the mail. They had a new roaster on their subscription service and were keen to spread the word about it. Wanting to get the most out of their drop, I headed down the road to my local here in Canberra – Red Brick Espresso (becuase who has an EK43 at home anyway?). We opened the cute little box and pulled out a bag of San Isidro, a Colombian from new Melbourne based outfit ACOFFEE.

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Bangin’ Brews: Reuben Hills’ Ethiopian Harosana

The world of buying green specialty coffee beans is filled with a myriad of potential pitfalls, not least of which is the chance that by the time the coffee actually lands at the roastery, it simply won’t taste like it did at origin. It can go both ways. The micro-lot roasters used when cupping green…

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Bangin’ Brews: Wide Open Road’s Pacamara from Nicaragua

I’m still getting through some of the coffee I bought on my Australia trip and there were definitely a few standouts amongst the bunch. One of my favourites is this Pacamara roasted by the guys at Wide Open Road in Melbourne. The greens came from the Mierisch family in Nicaragua’s Matagalpa region. The 100 year…

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Bangin’ Brews: Blue Bottle’s Rwandan Buf Café Remera

This week’s bangin’ brew is the Blue Bottle Buf Café Remera. Despite the fact that the alliteration is a little out of control in that opening sentence, it’s quite an amazing coffee and definitely deserves a mention on the blog. What strikes me as interesting about this particular roast is its ability to truly transform…

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Brew Guides

VIDEO: Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ new brew guides

The guys and girls over at Stumptown Coffee Roasters have just launched their new website and it’s full of little gems like these Brew Guide videos. They’re beautifully filmed, lighthearted and worth a watch on your lazy Friday. I love their Aeropress film – it’s totally different to how I make my own and it’s…

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Video: Tim Wendelboe talks manual brewing

Yesterday Norwegian coffee guru Tim Wendelboe released a Q+A manual coffee brewing video via Periscope. Given it’s a Periscope release it’s very raw footage and I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t the prettiest film I’ve ever seen, however the amount of knowledge this guy has on coffee is pretty inspiring. Tim runs…


Is this the future of coffee brewing?

We all have our favourite go-to brewing methods. Personally I’m an aeropress guy, though I’m suspecting this might change after last weekend’s soft-launch of the Trinity ONE coffee brewer. Designed by engineer and coffee aficionado Mark Folker and revealed to the public for the first time on Saturday at Brisbane’s Powerhouse Museum, this new device…

Only 5 hours left on the Handground Kickstarter

Only 5 hours left on the Handground Kickstarter

Kickstarter can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to coffee related things, but every now and then something pops up that really catches my attention. Handground is one such product. It’s a fully crowd-funded and interestingly ‘crowd-designed’ hand grinder that’s already hit over $300000 of funding. One thing it’s promising to bring…