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Just one of the many reasons I love specialty coffee

Last week the good folk of Three Thousand Thieves sent me a sneaky parcel in the mail. They had a new roaster on their subscription service and were keen to spread the word about it. Wanting to get the most out of their drop, I headed down the road to my local here in Canberra – Red Brick Espresso (becuase who has an EK43 at home anyway?). We opened the cute little box and pulled out a bag of San Isidro, a Colombian from new Melbourne based outfit ACOFFEE.

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Tupelo Coffee Co – Basically Awesome – Canberra Australia

Canberra is not generally considered to be one of Australia’s premier ‘coffee cities’ and I’ve been trying to figure out why? It’s got the right climate and a decent population size, yet the market penetration of specialty coffee is barely scratching the surface. In my (rather poor) understanding of economics, it’s usually safe to assume…