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A new fixture in Adelaide’s scene – Fix Specialty Coffee

As far as first ventures into café ownership go, Tom McNeil and Nick Wood have done a stellar job with Fix Specialty Coffee in Adelaide’s leafy suburb of College Park. The guys are pretty new to the coffee scene but that hasn’t stopped them from creating a cool little community-focused coffee shop and pumping out…

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Just one of the many reasons I love specialty coffee

Last week the good folk of Three Thousand Thieves sent me a sneaky parcel in the mail. They had a new roaster on their subscription service and were keen to spread the word about it. Wanting to get the most out of their drop, I headed down the road to my local here in Canberra – Red Brick Espresso (becuase who has an EK43 at home anyway?). We opened the cute little box and pulled out a bag of San Isidro, a Colombian from new Melbourne based outfit ACOFFEE.

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Bangin’ Brews: Reuben Hills’ Ethiopian Harosana

The world of buying green specialty coffee beans is filled with a myriad of potential pitfalls, not least of which is the chance that by the time the coffee actually lands at the roastery, it simply won’t taste like it did at origin. It can go both ways. The micro-lot roasters used when cupping green…

Batch Brew Specialty Coffee

Is Batch Brew a Step Backwards for Specialty Coffee?

Whether you like it or not, batch brew is gaining a crazy amount of traction in the world of specialty coffee, especially in Australia. It’s been hitting the menus of some rather elite roasters and coffee shops, creating quite a buzz in the café scene. It’s got to the point that it’s almost become cool…

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Tupelo Coffee Co – Basically Awesome – Canberra Australia

Canberra is not generally considered to be one of Australia’s premier ‘coffee cities’ and I’ve been trying to figure out why? It’s got the right climate and a decent population size, yet the market penetration of specialty coffee is barely scratching the surface. In my (rather poor) understanding of economics, it’s usually safe to assume…

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Reuben Hills – Celebrating the Coffee Farmer – Sydney Australia

Sydney’s Paramount Coffee Project blew me away, so naturally I was pretty keen to check out one of the parent companies behind it. Occupying a converted terrace house in one of Surry Hills’ leafy streets lies the Reuben Hills roastery and café. It’s the brainchild of Russell Beard and was opened back in 2013 with…

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Bangin’ Brews: Wide Open Road’s Pacamara from Nicaragua

I’m still getting through some of the coffee I bought on my Australia trip and there were definitely a few standouts amongst the bunch. One of my favourites is this Pacamara roasted by the guys at Wide Open Road in Melbourne. The greens came from the Mierisch family in Nicaragua’s Matagalpa region. The 100 year…